The Rev'd Dr. Daniel W. McClain

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Dan McClain is a priest of the Episcopal Church and a theologian. Prior to coming to William and Mary and Bruton Parish, Dan taught theology at Loyola University Maryland, and before that at the Catholic University of America and the George Washington University. He has also taught at the General Theological Seminary in NYC. Dan enjoys teaching courses about the theological aspects of art and literature, the intersection of science and religion, and education. He is currently writing two books, one about St. Bonaventure, a 13th century Franciscan theologian and priest, and the other about reading children’s literature theologically. In 2014, Dan co-edited a book, Reading Scripture as a Political Act, with Matthew Tapie.

Dan's personal, academic, and spiritual journeys have taken him all over the United States. He was born into a military family and was raised mostly in the desert in Southern California. Although he was baptized in the Presbyterian Church (USA), Dan later joined a Baptist Church in Northern Virginia, and then attended a Baptist college. In college and his early twenties, he played guitar and toured North America in a rock band that was based in Philadelphia.

Dan and his wife, Kate, were married in 2001, and were both confirmed in the Episcopal Church at St. Mark's Locust Street in Philadelphia in 2004. They now have four sons - Henry (11), Jude (8), Felix (7), and Ezra (3). Their family shares a love for the arts, the outdoors, and coffee.


Alex Narducci

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Alex Narducci is our Program Director for the Canterbury. She primarily works as Canterbury’s development officer, graphic designer, and photographer. She was born and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She is a graduate of Roanoke College where she earned a B.A. in Communication Studies with a concentration in Peace and Justice studies. An introvert at heart, you can typically find her wandering around Canterbury events with a camera in her hand. She also enjoys backpacking and gardening.